Dartmoor is the largest area of wilderness in the south of England and one of the wildest and most challenging landscapes in the UK for a running race.  

The Dartmoor 50 Ultra Trail running race, Dartmoor Marathon and Yes Tor Hill Race are fully signed trail running races with great support and a distinctly wild and at times fell running feel,  taking in the highest points in the south of England and some of the lesser visited tops.  

The routes have been fine tuned to offer a new challenge in the UK for Ultra and Marathon trail running races, taking in the best of Dartmoor on high routes (including Yes Tor at 619m!) without the need for navigational ability, on trail and lesser used paths that give these races a wild 'mountain' aspect that is unique in southern England, and make for a unique Trail Marathon or Ultra.

We strive for the highest quality in our trail races and the feedback is excellent, but one of the most regular compliments about the Dartmoor Highground is the friendly, supportive, unique 'feel' the event has - in all of the races, from 10 miles to Ultra

We are very proud of these races and thrilled to have created the event, so join us to experience Southern Englands largest open space... and become a Highgrounder!


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