Dartmoor Highground Charities

Okehampton Community Recreation Association - OCRA

OCRA are the main charity we are working with and involved in as they are providing all the event venue services throughout the event.  Without them it wouldn’t happen!  They are a great charity that has helped the greater local community into sport and activity - something we are very passionate about!  

From their website; OCRA is a charity that aims to maintain and develop sporting / recreational opportunities and facilities for Okehampton and the large surrounding area.

They are involved with sporting activities for young and old and support local community projects and clubs.

Our first contact with OCRA was on a miserable November day; I was going onto the moor for more recce runs and was happy to be inside in the warm for a while longer before heading up there.  I got to the Pavilion to have a look around and was greeted by 20 plus children screaming around on their bikes round a cyclocross course that had been set up for them by Stuart the OCRA manager on one of the Rugby pitches.  I heard them long before I saw them because they were all having so much fun, besides the cold wet day!  After a while they’d all finished and we went inside, it was obvious then how good OCRA is at encouraging and including everyone in activity and sport.  We are very pleased to be supporting them through this event.  

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Donate for Dartmoor

Dartmoor is designated as a National Park and as such is managed by the Dartmoor National Park Authority.   The purposes of the Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) are to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the National Park; and to promote understanding and enjoyment of the area's special qualities by the public. 

All the National Park Authorities are funded by the government and struggle to make ends meet.  To help manage events and lessen the impact from them the DNPA ask for donations and all the money raised goes towards ‘practical access repairs and improvements, as well as conservation projects’.

We are happy to contribute to the upkeep and conservation of the park, so we donate a fee per participant to the Dartmoor National Park Authority but we will also have a collection box in the Pavilion all weekend and ask that you make extra donations you can to the DNPA.  

Please see, http://www.dartmoor.gov.uk/visiting/donate-for-dartmoor