Dartmoor 50 Cut Offs

You have 18 hours to complete the Dartmoor 50. (ie by midnight)  

The cut off point on the course is Branscombe Loaf, at mile 35.  This is at 6.30 pm.  Giving 12.5 hours to cover 35 miles.  This is an average speed of 2.8 miles an hour and anyone doing the whole 50 miles at this pace will finish in roughly 17.45.

We do not wish to enforce a normal 'Cut Off' whereby participants are told they have to stop if they are past the cut off time.  Instead, participants late for the cut off time will be directed onto the Marathon route. This cuts off roughly 7 miles from the 50, missing a section of the route and going along Meldon Reservoir, the point the 50 and Marathon share the same route back to the finish.

The cut off has been set like this so you are not just pulled from the course and told your journey is over when you still have more to give and would like to continue.  You will have the opportunity to enjoy more of Dartmoor but won't be out on the course after the checkpoint close times and will get back to HQ at a reasonable time, around midnight.

Though you can drop out at any of the checkpoints and be transported back to the finish if you so wish.  

Participants not completing the full course will be listed as DNF.