Dartmoor 50 Kit List

Waterproof jacket (we recommend a lightweight running specific jacket, but they must have taped seams)

Waterproof trousers (again lightweight running specific waterproof trousers with taped seams)

Long sleeve baselayer (this is an emergency extra layer, ie to be carried as part of your kit in a waterproof bag and not intended for general use in the event)

Leg cover baselayer (for race kit I have found the thinnest and lightest leg layer to have as emergency is a pair of compression tights such as Skins etc)



Mobile phone

Emergency Foil blanket

Headtorch (this can be an emergency headtorch such as Petzl e-lite, but only if you are confident you will finish in daylight - so in less than 14 hours.  You will need something better if you are running with it much past 8pm - this is your call)

Supplied Map - provided at registration

Compass (proper compass - not on your phone!)

Water carrying capacity of 1 Litre

Food (this obviously can be supplemented at checkpoints)

Emergency item of food (something like a medium size chocolate bar) 

We recommend you download a location finding app on your phone such as OS Locate.  In the event of a problem this will allow you to give your co-ordinates to the emergency services or us so you  can be located or helped etc.

This is a mandatory kit list.  Dartmoor is a wild place where the weather can change quickly and their will be long periods when you are on your own between checkpoint support. With light weight running specific kit you can be prepared for eventualities and still have a light, compact race pack.

We will not have any items on the kit list available for you to buy at the race, so don’t forget anything.

You will not be allowed to start the race without having this minimum kit on you and we will be checking you have the correct kit when you arrive to register.