Dartmoor 50 - RACE Information


Go to the separate Travel & Directions and Camping & Food pages for directions and information about the venue for the event.  

But please note the time of earliest arrival is 5pm Friday, and that the site must be clear by midday on Sunday 1st September.


This is at the race HQ.  Registration will be open from 5pm - 10pm Friday, then 5am - 5.30am on raceday.


This is in race HQ at 5.30am.


Race start is 6am.

The Dartmoor 50 is CUPLESS - read HERE for detail plus link to example of a perfect lightweight, folding cup to bring with you for the race.

Route Markings

Marking 50 miles of Dartmoor is not an easy task!  The route will be marked at junctions and confirmed after junctions but in-between will have fewer race markings.  The goal is to ensure you get onto the right paths and take the correct turns at junctions, then with common sense run on the path you have been directed onto until the next marking/ junction!  Marking the route will be a big task but something that is very important to make the event what it could be - a big race over wild ground without the need for navigating, to allow everyone to be able to take part and race it to the best of their ability and fitness will allow.  

As with all race route markings they are at the mercy of the weather, animals and passers-by not wanting to see them out on the moor.  Unfortunately these are things out of our control but we aim to mark it as late as possible to try and avoid problems and minimise the time markings are in situ before the race passes through.

The Dartmoor Highground races used 250 bespoke, event specific arrow signs that are reflective taped, plus up to 1200 surveyors flags.  This works very well and is also checked on the day of the race.

Route Map

You will be provided with a map of the route.  This is partly so in the unlikely event of route confusion or markings being tampered with you have a back up, but more for peace of mind and the emergency kit you carry with you - we are not going to send you out onto Dartmoor without a map and compass!  If you wish to carry a GPS with the route during the race that is allowed, please email info@freedom-racing.co.uk and we can send you the GPX.