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“If ever there was an event to lure you into the world of trail running, then it should be the Dartmoor Highground. It’s the sort of race that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling that should the sh*t hit the proverbial fan, then you’d be OK. Either the organisation with its first class volunteers would come to your rescue, or of one of your fellow competitors, a ‘salt of the earth’ type of runner that you’d entrust with your children or call for should you need a pint and some cheering up.” Read Tobias Mews great 2018 event report HERE

"This race was an absolute dream from start to finish. Impeccably organised, in a perfect location and with a course that was so meticulously marked that even I couldn't get lost.  I sat with a beer and chips from the café at the finish line, cheering the other runners in, in a happy post-race euphoria"  Dartmoor 50 winner Sarah Burns Morwoods blog of her 2017 race (8.36 CR!!!)

"the Dartmoor 50 is up there with Lakes in a Day as a bucket list race"  Mark Astons 2017 Dartmoor 50 race report 

"I’m running down a Tor giggling to myself like an idiot as I see a series of flags cutting a beautiful sweeping line through jagged rocks and tussocks. For the last 10 miles I have been breezing my way up and down Tors and moorland pastures, thoroughly enjoying myself without a care in the world"  Dartmoor 50 winner Simon Darmodys blog of his 2016 race

"If you love trail running in wilderness areas with challenging ascent and descent then this race is for you – don’t miss it – it’ll be a classic – would I go back? – Without doubt – would I recommend it? – Without doubt"  Matt Perrys Dartmoor 50 race report on Ultra Running Community  

“Presumably I was the only marathon organizer in the race apart from you and after seeing the results also the only Spanish. I just want congratulate you for one of the best trail marathon I ever did. 

I have to consider the great camping, parking, bar& restaurant with the UTMB in the TV,  the pretty and rural village 5 minutes away for the basic shopping etc etc etc.  About the trail; In that region is not possible find more thecnical areas but I really appreciate that you tried to choose always the toughest paths. I never seen a mountain marathon with only about 800 meters stepping my greatest enemy: The tarmac. Just 800meters!!! That is just unbelievable!!!

The feed stations were amazing and although there are many types of runners you have offered exactly what I want in a perfect weekend. I will be next year at Dartmoor national park and many thanks for all.” Xose Alvarez 2018

Feedback from 2017’s set of races

The 50 miler was a great day full of special moments; running through the woods by the river in the half dark, the sun rise as we got up to Yes Tor (getting to the top of Yes Tor was quite easy the first time, but by the fourth it seemed a lot steeper and higher), the incredible views across Dartmoor, into Cornwall and to the sea both north and south. Organisation and course marking was first class and it is a great route. Taking part in smaller events really gives the feeling of taking part in something special, and makes it easier to appreciate the wildness of Dartmoor. Huge thanks to Tom and team, the checkpoint people for being endlessly cheerful especially when I needed it most, the course markers and checkers, the medics and all the unseen people that make the event so much better for the runners. It really was a fantastic day. And as usual I am in awe of the front runners, and determined to upgrade my own mediocre performance, Gus

Dartmoor 50 one word AWESOME.

I wanted to thank you & your team for such a wonderful day. It was a extraordinary day which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. I have a particular special thanks to James for keeping an eye on us as the very able sweeper. The race was well marked, safe but still challenging. Also thank you so much to all the team that waited very patiently and kindly for us at the stops, Sean

Excellent race. Route was well marked throughout and a lot of attention to detail. Can tell that the organisers approached this from a competitor's point of view and thought of every eventuality. The safety side, from exhaustive recces and risk assessing the day before to sending out lead runners before the start was something lacking by many other organisers and undoubtedly resulted in a far safer way to explore the wilds of dartmoor. Would highly recommend this route, which caters for a wide range of abilities due to the monstrous ascent but generous cut offs, Carl

A wholehearted thank you for such a great event on Saturday.
On Saturday evening we (myself, Gilly and Lindsey) were cursing you and the course and in fact each other for agreeing to take part.
Yesterday we all pretty much agreed that our focus for the next 12 months is to do it again and better with the aim of a sub 14 hour time!
On 1 January 2017, with a slightly heavy head and wider girth, I felt I needed a focus and challenge to get myself more in shape. I was in my 50th year with my 50th birthday fast approaching. I needed to find something to get me exercising more. Sitting there thinking about it coincided with seeing the Dartmoor 50 on Facebook. I liked the symmetry of doing a 50 miler at 50. At that time I had walked long distances but never run more than a half marathon.
Fast forward 9 months and I feel so much healthier and have had an amazing experience – Dartmoor Highground 50 - with good friends. That New Year’s resolution has turned out to easily be my best.
I am hoping to see you at the Serpent’s Trial next year (I will probably try the 50) and all being well in September back on Dartmoor.
We all loved your passion for the event and for running. The warmth we felt from you and the rest of the support team was genuine and greatly appreciated.
Speaking for the others, we wish you well in the future and we hope to see you again soon.
Kind regards and best wishes

Feedback from 2016

Dougal - Thanks guys, it was a blast, great course and the weather, well it made it that much more of a challenge.  Well done, one I will definitely return for.

Claire - Thankyou to everyone who made this awesome event happen.

Simon - Well done guys, you should be proud of what you achieved.

Tony - Great course!...and the weather?!  well for a while that was a real leveller!  Great camaraderie from everyone and a big thankyou to the support crew and organisers for looking after our needs!

Caroline - Well your hard work paid off.  Just a brilliant event. x

Phil - Tom, Nicky and all of your support crew, marshals etc, huge well done in putting on a great new event.  How you managed to mark 50 miles of Dartmoor is a minor miracle!  I can certainly see this event growing in stature.