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Dartmoor 50 winner Sarah Burns Morwoods blog of her 2018 race (8.36 CR!)

Dartmoor 50 winner Simon Darmodys blog of his 2017 race

Matt Perrys Dartmoor 50 race report on Ultra Running Community  

Dougal - Thanks guys, it was a blast, great course and the weather, well it made it that much more of a challenge.  Well done, one I will definitely return for.

Claire - Thankyou to everyone who made this awesome event happen.

Simon - Well done guys, you should be proud of what you achieved.

Tony - Great course!...and the weather?!  well for a while that was a real leveller!  Great camaraderie from everyone and a big thankyou to the support crew and organisers for looking after our needs!

Caroline - Well your hard work paid off.  Just a brilliant event. x

Phil - Tom, Nicky and all of your support crew, marshals etc, huge well done in putting on a great new event.  How you managed to mark 50 miles of Dartmoor is a minor miracle!  I can certainly see this event growing in stature.