Guided Recce Runs - TBC for 2019

The majority of the Dartmoor 50 and Marathon routes split into 3 obvious loops.   Other than the Eastern loop (Recce 2) the recce runs apply for the Marathon route as well, though anyone is welcome to join for the recce runs, taking part in the races or not.

Please bring the Marathon Kit List with you for these runs, and sufficient food and drink for between 3-5 hours on the moor.

The recce runs cost £8 per person.  This is to cover our costs and donate much needed funds to the Dartmoor National Park Authority (see here).  We will supply you with a paper map print out of the route we are to follow. Please bring a map case if you have one or means of keeping it dry if you wish - you will be guided on the day anyway, the map is just for your reference!  As part of the booking confirmation email from Si Entries you will receive the details of time and place to meet for each Recce.

The recce runs are aimed at runners and will be a small group run, stopping regularly and chatting and will be dictated by the pace of the slowest member of the group; but we do not expect or intend to walk the whole way!  Do not be put off joining us as we welcome runners of ANY standard!  It is not a training day for fitness but to guide you round a nice day on Dartmoor and show you parts of the race routes.  

Join and share the recce event pages set up on the Dartmoor Highground facebook page to keep up to date with news and queries on the individual recce runs.


We will show you round the Western Loop, from Nodden Gate Checkpoint in a loop taking in the 50 and Marathon routes plus the boggy section of the 50 route that links back to Kitty Tor, from where we are back on the route used in both races to take us back to Nodden Gate CP.  This is the shortest recce route of about 8 miles and takes in Great Nodden, Branscombe Loaf (50 cut off point and 50/Marathon route split), Corn Ridge, Logan Rock, Kitty Tor, Dunna Goat Tor and Great Links Tor.


We will take you round the loop from Checkpoint 1 back to Checkpoint 2.  These are at the same location, at Harter Tor (near East Okement Farm) and will mean we have about 15 miles to run and take in Oke Tor, Okement Hill, Hangingstone Hill, Wild Tor, Steeperton Tor, Little Hound Tor,  Cosdon Beacon and Belstone Tor.  


This is taking in the highest points of Dartmoor and therefore with the biggest ascents and descents.  It is around 13 miles long with about 3 - 4 miles unique to the 50 route.  It will start by going over Rough Tor, then West Mll Tor, Yes Tor, High Willhays, Dinger Tor, Lints Tor, Sandy Ford, (Kitty Tor if the group wishes), Fordslands Ledge, Black Tor, Longstone Hill, Meldon Reservoir and Quarry, Blackdown, Yes Tor, West Mill Tor and Rough Tor.  It is a good day out!